Funeral Speech Writing tips

Anyone who has had to give a speech or talk at a funeral can tell you how hard it is. It is difficult enough to have to go through the emotions of grieving for the person who has passed away but having to get up in front of a crowd and talk is even more demanding. There are several things that you want to take in mind before you decide to give a speech at a funeral.

The most important thing before speaking at a funeral is staying calm. It is not like you are at a job or in school. Take your time. You are paying respect to your loved one and they deserve all the time they want. If you have to read word for word what you wrote, do that. It is the words that are important. You are honoring the deceased not the people who are there.

Make sure that you speak clearly and slowly. If you are going to talk, do make sure that everyone understands and hears what you are saying. Again, take all the time that you want just make sure that your speech is delivered in a reasonable manner.

As far as what you want to write and convey, that is up to you. If you are talented enough to not look at your paper and use certain keywords, go ahead and do that. Still, the main thing is honoring your loved one and they deserve the limelight. Do not rush and if you have to read word for word from what you wrote, go ahead and go that route. Most importantly, speak clearly and loud enough so that everyone can hear you.


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